Kids Taekwondo

Tue & Thur 7-8PM

Taekwondo is just one of many skills students learn while attending class. Respect, self confidence, and self discipline are just a few of  the additional skills your student will learn. Try 2 free classes and see if its a good fit.

Adult Taekwondo

Tuesdays 8-9PM

Adults join our class for a variety of reasons. Some want to learn to defend themselves, and some are trying to find a new and fun way to improve their physical and mental fitness.  No matter the goals, we can help to achieve them. Adult class welcomes ages 13+ and all fitness levels.


Saturday 10-11AM

Hapkido is a Korean martial art practiced the world over. Characterized by joint locks, throws, and dynamic kicking techniques, it is unique among Korean martial arts in its emphasis on deflecting an opponent’s attacks instead of forceful blocking.


We strive to provide a fun, engaging and challenging environment where our students are given every opportunity to develop their martial arts skills, as well as the mental skills to succeed in life outside of class. Self confidence, self control, respect, discipline, and perseverance are the primary characteristics we try to instill in our students.


We offer 2 free classes so you can decide if you like how we do things. Just stop in a little before the start of class and we'll get you set up. 

Class Schedule:
Kids Taekwondo: Tue & Thur 7-8PM
Adult Taekwondo: Tue & Thur 8-9PM
Hapkido: Saturday 10-11AM

4201 South Oxbow Ave
Sioux Falls, South Dakota, SD 57106

Phone: (605) 582-5646